About Us

Heritage Tea Company brings a lifetime of tea cultivation and manufacturing experience to discerning customers. A non-chemically fertilized tea garden of traditionally planted and shaded bushes (seeds and clones) supplies the finest tea leaves to a purpose built factory in the centre of the Assam tea growing area just east of Dibrugarh. The care and attention to production details has been exemplary and stems from 30 years of Assam tea supply in all its types and grades including green tea, orthodox and CTC.

Managing Director:

Managing DirectorAt the helm of affairs is the Managing Director, Mr. Rajen Baruah, a professional tea planter for 30 years with vast experience in planting and manufacturing of Tea in Assam. Having planted over 300 hectares of new plantations, which produce world class Assam teas, Mr. Baruah is a professional tea taster and connoisseur, known for getting into minute details to get the desired end product. His personal attention to detail from nursery to packaging is his discipline. He believes the world is full of dreamers, hence, one should move ahead and take concrete steps to actualize ones vision. He brings this unique, rich experience and expertise into Heritage Tea.
Rajen Baruah also is a member of the Advisory Board of the International Speciality Tea Association and was honoured by the association at the World Tea Expo 2016 in Las Vegas, USA for his contributions to international standards for speciality tea.The International Specialty Tea Association is a multinational endeavour to provide value to tea manufacturers, sellers and consumers. According to the association, the tea industry is a yearly $50 billion business, whose fastest growing sector is specialty tea.

Our Objective:

To facilitate economic and industrial development in the region we use efficient methods of production thereby contributing to growth, change and expansion. With a dedicated team we strive to make teas that evoke beautiful emotions in people all over. Commitment to quality and personal attention to detail from nursery to packaging is our forte.

Core Team Members:

1. Mr. Brojen Baruah – Director
2. Mr. Aman Gupta – Director
3. Mr. Malcolm Geary – Advisor (UK Based)
4. Mr. Ishan Baruah – Executive
5. Mr. Ronnie Baruah – Health, Hygiene & Safety
6. Mrs. June Baruah – Quality

Additionally, we have an excellent team of dedicated support staff who are part and parcel of the Heritage Tea Family. They consist of skilled and semi-skilled workers from villages in and around the Dibrugarh District. We aim at uplifting the standard of living of our workers by providing homes with electricity and gas, drinking water and health care benefits.

Heritage Consultancy Services:

Heritage Tea is also involved in providing consultancy services to many small tea growers in the region who contribute about 30% of Assam’s total tea production. Heritage Tea helps these small growers in increasingly adopting environmental friendly and sustainable agricultural practices.