Manufacturing Unit

Manufacturing UnitHeritage Tea is one of the most modern manufacturing units to be set up in the Upper Assam region. It was conceived to act as a nucleus of growth and development for the manufacturing of quality orthodox, green tea and CTC. The manufacturing unit also provides a source of sustained livelihood for the under privileged of the region. Our modern manufacturing unit is spread across 19,800sq.ft with a manufacturing capacity of 2500kgs Made Tea per day and with unique safety standards, Under the skilled guidance and innovation of Mr. Baruah, the Managing Director, Heritage Tea has developed its own production machinery along with a motivated workforce. For example, the Continuous Orthodox Maker (COM), is an innovation which enhances production of orthodox whole leaf grades by retaining bloom and quality. This machine is now being widely adopted by other tea makers. This and other such changes make the manufacturing process of tea more energy efficient, environment friendly with minimum leaf handling.

Rolling Table

Leaf processing equipment has been fully commissioned enabling us to offer all the traditional orthodox grades of tea as well as green tea. A CTC production line is also up and running using feedstock from garden areas best suited to this style of tea in volume.

Through the course of the manufacturing stages, tea tasting is conducted to determine and enhance the product quality in line with health and hygiene standards. The unit is in the process of becoming ISO 22000 certified.

With our manufacturing unit production techniques and a detailed eye on quality and hygiene standards. Heritage Tea produces some of the finest teas in Assam with its exotic flavours and aroma.