The Team

As a company our major concern is to keep our workers healthy and happy by improving the quality of life in their community. With Alcoholism and gambling prevalent in most families of the tea communities, we at Heritage tea with our close association with the tea community empathize with their problems. Small savings have been encouraged. Many have successfully started maintaining bank accounts in the town nearby . The education of their children is as much a concern as any urban family. Workers and staff are provided accommodation with electricity, drinking water, gas for cooking, one free meal a day and Medical Benefits. Heritage Tea provides help to our staff and workers however required with the firm belief that workers need to be self- reliant. Our success would be more meaningful only with the goodwill and dedication of the workers and staff of our team.

Some happy faces:

Mr. PhukonThe diminutive, lean and wiry figure of Phukon should not mislead anyone. He is a dawn to dusk man. His job is to ensure proper firing of tea. Hardworking honest and always smiling.