Types of Tea

The gardens of Heritage Tea lie in the golden tea belt of Assam. Assam’s hot and humid weather conditions are ideal for healthy growth of tea. Our tea bushes are an assortment of hybrid clones such as S3 A3, TV-1, P 126, N 436. We follow a three year pruning cycle – 33% UP, 33% DS and 34% LP with MP. We produce the following Assam teas at our manufacturing unit:

Green Tea:

Exclusive White Tea
Green Tea Normal

Green Tea has increasingly become a very popular drink worldwide because of its health benefits. Our Green Teas contain a high concentration of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. What sets Green Tea apart is the way it is processed. The types of Green Tea we produce are:

  • Most Exclusive White Tea: White Tea does not require too much processing, however, the selection of the raw material in White Tea manufacture is extremely stringent, only the plucking of young tea buds with much fine hair can produce good-quality white tea. We manufacture a line of exclusive White Tea during the second flush.
  • Green Tea (Special)
  • Green Tea (Normal)
  • Green Tea Dust

Orthodox Tea:

Orthodox Tea – GBOP
Orthodox Tea – STGFOP

Our renowned ranges of Assam Orthodox Teas are rolled with machinery in a manner that mimics hand-rolling. Most specialty tea is made with orthodox production methods. Orthodox tea is generally known as the champagne of teas as they are more nuanced and complex than other teas. All whole-leaf tea is made with orthodox production methods. Heritage Orthodox Teas are known for its distinctive flavour and taste. The Orthodox Tea grades that we produce are:

    • STGFOP -1
    • GTGFOP – 1
    • TGFOP – 1
    • TGFOP
    • GFOP
    • GBOP
    • FBOP
    • BOPF
    • OD/OCD

CTC Tea:




CTC Tea is machine-processed in a way that cuts, twists and curls the leaves into uniformly-sized bits. It is not only machine processed but is usually fully oxidized (black). It steeps up an amber-colored liquid with a rich malty flavor tending toward the bitter side. It is usually drunk with milk and a bit of sugar or other sweetners. Heritage CTC teas are known for their strong liquoring characteristics. The different grades of CTC Tea that we produce are:

  • BOP
  • BP
  • PF
  • PD
  • D
  • CD
  • Dust-1
  • CD-1
  • BP-1